Pilot Expander


These pilot are designed for use on neck turner tool and expander dies of Queen Reloading. The research of the maximum leads them to be made so as to be the best product on the market. Made of alloy steel plus Nichel Chromium, after the turning operation are subjected to a quenching and tempering treatment which guarantees a hardness of over 50 HRC, unapproachable value from rival products on the market! The subsequent correction of diameters ensures perfect concentricity of diameters at micron. The tolerance between the pilot expander and the pilot turning allow the right game of the cartridge case during the turning operation that results very precise. The other advantage of the adjustment is undoubtedly the very low surface roughness, this allow a lower brass friction on the pilot even with minimal quantities of lubricant.
EXPANDER: Pilot to be used on expander dies (QR033) before turning of the neck.

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