Neck Turning Tool


It is the base tool to beginning with the turning world of reloading! It is too easy and very intuitive to use. Thanks to this, the regulation of the turner is carried by using a socket head screw fine step, that will move the tool varying the quantity of material to be removed. This turning tool is completely made with CNC machine and precision working center. It is produced with ergal of best quality, ensuring tolerances very very tight and perfect planarity. It is provided with a cutter at 30°, and it is possible to use all Sinclair pilot or all pilot with diameter 9,5mm. Thanks to perfect centering of the pilot, this turning tool can be installed on a spindle of the parallel lathe e so it can be used faster and with more quality. On the opposite side of the cutter, there is a hole for the mounting of the comparator that allow you to verify real time the measure. Pilot and comparator not included in price.

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