Mini Foot Neck Turning Tool


Last production of the family Queen Reloading, this turning tool use the same mechanism of regulation of the major brother “Big Foot”. When it is decided the thick of case neck that you would like to realize, it would be possible to set this tool with extreme precision before beginning to use it. This feature can allow you to lose very little time during preparation, and you could not have waste of cases. Also you could have very fast change of caliber. Completely produced at CNC machinery and with best material, it is the only one in the world that has got a micrometric regulation with high effectiveness and that can be mounted on a mandrel of parallel lathe. It allows this operation in the best and professional way. The body has got an excursion of +/- 3 mm, and this allows to reach the perfect regulation in few minutes without moving the cutter. On the opposite side of the cutter, there is the hole for mounting of the centesimal comparator, with whom you can control perfectly the dimension and oscillation of turning. It is provided with cutter at 30° and use Sinclair pilot or other pilot with diameter of 9,5mm . (It is possible to purchase also the cutter at 40°.) Pilot and comparator not included in price.

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