Deluxe Neck Turning Tool


Eccentric turning tool for the neck of the case. Made completely with CNC machine and precision working center and produced with the best material quality. Its particularity is that it has got an hole, for pilot mounting, offset compared to the center. This feature made it eccentric. This particularituy makes that it is possible to varying the thick of neck +/- 0,2mm compared to the initial measure without moving the cutter, but only revolving the base after having slowed the special screw that mantian it into position. Helpful notches facilitate a lot the regulations. On the opposite side of the cutter, there is a hole for mounting of the centesimal comparator in millimeter. This comparator allows you to know real time the thick of case neck and you can understand step by step the precision. The cutter is made of hard metal and has got an angulation of 30°. (It is possible to purchase separately the cutter at 40° angulation). You can use all Sinclair pilt, and this guarantees maximum liberty in the choice of calibers and availability.
Pilot and comparator not included in price.

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