Case Holder


This system is designed for a firm grip of the cartridge cases, during the neck turning operation or the cleaning or the deburring/countersink. The caseholders and the drivers are manufactured in stainless steel, with the latest generation machines, so that there are very low games of all couplings. To operate properly, this system requires 2 parts that are sold separately: the caseholder (specific for each caliber) and the driver (universal). The hexagonal drive of the driver will allow to mount this tool on a screwdriver, or a drill or a manual screwdriver according to the needs of the person. On the caseholder side it has been made a threated hole where it is possible to screw a small brass insert that allows a greater simplicity of the opening and closing operation of the cartridge case, especially during maching operations. For a still better seal, the outer shape of caseholdes is hexagonal, and this allows a fixing with the aid of a wrench of 27 mm.

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