Big Foot Neck Turning Tool


This turning toll for case neck is a completely revolution for the world of neck turning in reloading equipment. Its system for the setting of the measure is completely innovative. When you decide the thick of case neck, it allows you to set this dimension with extreme precision before you begin to turn. In this way you will lose very very little time during preparation, you will waste less quantity of cases and you will change calibers with high speed. Produced entirely with CNC machine in precision working center, it is made with high quality material. And also it has been designed for people that want to use drill press for this operations. You can work with maximum quality and professional style. The body has got an excursion of +/- 3mm, and this allows to reach the perfect regulation in few minutes without moving the cutter. On the opposite side of the cutter, there is the hole for mounting of the centesimal comparator, with whom you can control perfectly the dimension and oscillation of turning. It is provided with cutter at 30° and use Sinclair pilot or other pilot with diameter of 9,5mm. (It is possible to purchase also the cutter at 40°.)
Pilot and comparator not included in price.

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