Cleaning Rest


Desktop stand for cleaning and maintenance of weapons. Made of stainless steel and later oven painted to resist to the action of cleaning solvents used during maintenance operation. The structure of this stand is completely modular and it can be purchased in 5 variants showed in the table below. The central compartment allows to contain the basic cleaning accessories such as solvents, patches, brushes and jags. The length and inclination between the rear and the front supports is designed to allow for cleaning also of rifles with very long barrels such as those for F-Class Competition. The supports have been designed to allow for use with all types of stocks, from the smallest for hunting to the 3” width stock for Bench Rest. On the brackets that rets on the bench, there are 2 holes that allow the attachment if the user deems necessary. The double solution emerges for those who need to clean e weapons at the same time (this can be purchased in the variants shown in the table), and with this solution the user can take advantage of the supports for the rods on the side.

Available in the following versions:

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